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Spirit Filled Life

Grace Filled Life

In this formation trail guide, you’ll embark on a journey that visits points of interest along the way to help you learn about the means of grace and Christian discipleship. At these points of interest, you’ll fill your backpacks with resources, such as videos by renowned leaders, downloadable study guides, course connections for related classes, and ways you can incorporate these spiritual practices into your daily life.

We pray this Trail Guide empowers you with the tools you need for a successful life and ministry. We’re excited to be on this journey with you!

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Life of Discipleship

We’re on the journey to be more like Jesus and are so glad that you’ve joined our community! As we follow Jesus’ invitation to grow deeper in our relationship with him, we seek to live transformed.

As disciples of Jesus, we want to follow his teachings. Our faculty will guide you as you study and learn alongside your peers. We will look at the cost of discipleship–counting the cost of rejection, suffering and self-denial. As we share this journey with others in the community, you’ll have the opportunity to join a D.N.A. discipleship group, as well as engage in other occasions for worship and fellowship. 

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Life of Servanthood

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve come to this space to learn more about your spiritual formation and to continue the journey to be more like Jesus. This year we’ll be exploring the Life of Servanthood.

All through the gospels, we see Jesus as Servant—washing feet, touching the untouchable, and seeing those overlooked by others. This year, we will talk about Christ’s identity as a servant and our calling to serve like Jesus. We will explore what it means to have self-giving, self-denying love for one another, and we’ll examine the who, why and how of service.

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Students of Asbury Seminary continually say that community and spiritual formation are their favorite things about the Seminary. From the beginning of your journey with Asbury Seminary, you will hear us talk about the “Asbury experience.” This refers to the sense of belonging to the entire Asbury community as formation and discipleship practices work hand in hand with your journey in theological education.

The Wesley’s spoke of “knowledge and vital piety – learning and holiness combined.” Your time at Asbury Seminary is not only about the important graduate theological courses you will take to equip and prepare you for your life of ministry. Your education here is also set in the context of formation–opportunities for you to learn to become more like Jesus. We want you to be immersed and fully engaged in this process towards holiness while you are at Asbury Seminary.

This is the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. The process begins in the classroom, whether you study online, on our residential campus, or at one of our extension sites. The men and women of our faculty pour themselves into their students’ lives, sharing not only their knowledge but what they have learned about applying it in living for Jesus.

Transformation doesn’t happen outside of community. John Wesley once famously said, “There is no holiness apart from social holiness.” He was talking about doing discipleship in the context of real relationships. In essence, you can’t become a real Christian alone. Christian maturity is not a solo journey but a community process.

Formation opportunities abound across every part of our global campus. The Formation team wants to come around you and provide you support through pastoral and spiritual care. We want to provide you with spaces for a sense of belonging. Regular chapel services give opportunities for individual and corporate praise and worship. Small group experiences are available in what we call our DNA groups (Discipleship, Networking, and Accountability). Groups of 3-5 students meet to read together and pray for and disciple each other. Again, this happens in person as well as online. Such banding opportunities are also available for faculty and staff.

Our students help form each other during times of praying together, fellowship, and even physical activity. At Asbury Seminary, we believe that spiritual formation involves every aspect of student life and is crucial to our mission of preparing Spirit-filled students and their families to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world. Through a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth, Asbury Seminary is forming our community, both residential and non-residential, more and more into the likeness of Christ.