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You are not alone!

Welcome to Asbury Global Formation

Welcome to Asbury Theological Seminary and your continuing journey into spiritual formation!

From the time you start your journey with us, Asbury Seminary is committed to equipping you with more than a degree. We not only provide you with the academic training and skills you need, but we also intentionally incorporate the means of grace–prayer, scripture reading, fasting, healthy living, worship, communion, D.N.A. Groups and acts of service–into every classroom experiences as well as additional training throughout your time with us. These practices will become habits that you will use both now and throughout your life’s journey.

Spiritual formation forms the bedrock practices that Christians use to transform our hearts, minds and actions on the journey of life. We fill ourselves with these practices so that when the day of trouble comes, what comes out of us is what has been put into us.

We’re excited to walk this journey with you, both as a student and after you graduate.


The Director of Asbury Global Formation

We are so glad that you’re here! We want to walk with you during your journey at the Seminary. We will provide you with worship opportunities, coaching, leadership support, prayer support, and small group discipleship. We pray your experience is academically challenging and deeply formative as you fully engage in the transformation process. We look forward to meeting you and seeing what God will do in and through you.


Tracey Farrell graduated with her M.Div. from Asbury Seminary in 1997and with her Masters in Counseling in 1998. Tracey has served alongside her husband in the local church for twenty five years. Together they have served four churches.

The Heartbeat of ATS

Worship is the most important work of God’s people. Our worship in both its diversity and its unity is an encounter with the living God through the risen Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. When the people of God gather, the Spirit is free to move them to worship in diverse ways. Worship is a channel of grace in which we praise, pray, preach, and partake in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Each time you attend class in person on one of our extension sites or at our Wilmore campus you’ll have the opportunity to engage in corporate worship. You’ll learn from a variety of preachers, teachers, and leaders from around the world.

If you are not at one of the educational sites you can still worship through the Wilmore campus Chapel online on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11am ET in Estes Chapel. You can join on facebook at Asbury Seminary Chapel.  Can’t join chapel live?  No problem!  View on demand either on facebook or on the Seminary website. 

Join a D.N.A. Group

DNA stands for Discipleship, Networking and Accountability. We recognize that being a part of a community makes every journey better. Joining a D.N.A. Group will give you the opportunity to connect with other students who are on the same journey as you on a spiritual level for encouragement, accountability and community.

These groups meet together  in person or on zoom to form a networking community that helps us disciple each other, care for each other and hold each other accountable. We will read together, pray together and meet together to become the love of God for one another and the world. It’s never too late to sign up! Join now!


There is a team to pray with you! 

Balancing family, life, ministry and seminary can be challenging.  We’re here to journey with you, to pray with you and provide a listening ear. You are not alone! Our pastoral care team is available to meet with your during the day and evening hours.

Make an appointment here:

You Are Not Alone!

Asbury Theological Seminary is focused on you, your needs and providing care in difficult times.

There is a team available to pray with you!

Balancing family, life, ministry and school can be challenging at times. We’re here to journey with you, to pray with you and provide a listening ear. You are not alone! Our pastoral care team is available to meet with your during the day and evening hours.

Request an appointment!

You can live in community!

Experience the power of community by journeying with your peers in D.N.A. groups. D.N.A. stand for discipleship, networking and accountability and are composed of 3-5 people who meet regularly. These groups often become lifelong friends, as you meet, pray, and read together to become the love of God for one another and the world.

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You can have a transformative worship experience at ATS

Chapel services are an integral part of your site visit for intensives classes. We also invite you to worship online with us Tuesday-Thursday at 11 a.m. at